European Chapter on Combinatorial Optimization  


Activities in 2000

The ECCO-XIII meeting took place in Capri, Italy.
May 18-20, 2000.
Submission deadline extended to February 28.
Organizer: Prof. Gennaro Improta
Dipartimento di Informatica e Sistemistica
Università Federico II di Napoli
via Claudio, 21
80125 Napoli - Italy
Tel. : +39081 7683376
Fax : +39081 7683636 (or +39081 7683186)

The European Journal of Operational Research (EJOR) is planning to publish a
special issues on Graphs and Scheduling for ECCO-XIII.

Any contribution on both theoretical and practical aspects of this field is
welcome. It is not a requirement that the paper actually has been presented
at ECCO XIII. However, at least one author of each paper must have attended
the Conference.

Authors who wish to submit a paper are kindly asked to send a word,
postscript or pdf file to Prof. Gennaro Improta
Alternatively, five copies should be sent to the postal addess here above.

Deadline for submissions: no later than August 31st, 2000.
Deadline extended to September 30th, 2000.

 ... As the participants were so sad to leave the Capri island, the french speaking
participants headed by Prof. J.-F. Maurras rewrote and sang a very famous french song
on Capri during the conference banquet.
The original title of this song is "Capri, c'est fini !" and performed by Hervé Villard.
The adapted french song could be find here.

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